The design studio

A design studio in perpetual motion.

We do slow design in close collaboration with our craftswo/men, putting the production process at the heart of the design.

We believe in a craft revolution & that cross inspiration between different cultures creates great design.


Founder of Form - nomad studio Sweden

Form - nomad studio Sweden was founded by Josefine during the years she lived in Vietnam.

A great interest in the development of welfare and democracy.
Entrepreneur and consultant with 1,5 years of master's studies in gender studies and sustainable development. 

- consultant for craft and design productions, working with a capability approach, with a special focus on gender equality.

- gender mainstreaming 

- policy development

A background and bachelor's degree in design and communication - .

- craft and design development, focus sustainable material

- marketing and graphic design

- photographer 


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Vietnam - project presentation here.


Pako & the Green/Black bag



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She is so creative, dedicated and good hearted. It is wonderful to see how she has been supporting the ethnic minority people in Vietnam to creatively participating in producing and trading their products based on their own tradition. I am proud of her achieving that project with the Vietnamese tribe.

/Quang Ho Sy former manager of the organisation MCNV Dong Ha office in Quang Tri province Vietnam